About company

SOLANSKÝ s.r.o. is a Czech company specializing in intranational and international road transport of powdery materials which was founded in 1991. Now, the company owns about 35 tipper trucks that transport the powdery materials to all countries of the European Union as well as other countries, for example Croatia, Albania etc.

The company SOLANSKÝ s.r.o. was founded by Mr. Solanský in 1991 and it was called Zdeněk Solanský – Transportation. The company’s main subject of business is the transportation of powdery materials such as gravel, sand, aggregate, and agricultural products.

The owner started his business with one LIAZ vehicle. At the beginning, the LIAZ vehicles were the backbone of the company’s fleet. Gradually, with the increasing amount of orders, the owner started to expand the fleet with other brands, mainly VOLVO and DAF.

In 2003, the company SOLANSKÝ s.r.o. was founded by Mr. Solanský and his wife Ivana. The new company took over all activites and extended its business so that it included other activities, such as wholesale and retail of powdery materials, retail sale of trucks and their accessories, and repairs.

Now, the company SOLANSKÝ s.r.o. operates with 35 VOLVO, MAN, DAF and Mercedes Benz tipper trucks.

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